About Muily's Nail Salon

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Mission Objective

At Muily's Nail Salon, customer satisfaction is our number one priority! We ensure an excellent team of hand picked professionals to provide you with your utmost experience. Our highly trained team is here to dedicate their professional services to you, whether it is after a long days work, after the gym, while running errands or just because beauty and health is your top priority. With a combination of our highest grade products and years of experiences, we are committed to maintaining high quality results. We also strive to provide you with a friendly and sterile environment. With that being said, our tools are always sterilized for your safety. We also provide personal nail kits which include your own nail buffer and filer, complimentary to you, in order to prevent the possibility of bacteria transfer. We proudly provide our luxurious services and products to you at an extremely affordable price!

Please call with any inquiries. Appointment not necessary.